Interior and exterior design

Interior and exterior design goal is to get the most out of it, but also to use the given space correctly and functionally in accordance with the wishes and lifestyle of the client.

The development of the Preliminary Design of Interior Design begins with observing and documenting the existing conditions at the project site (if there is no floor plan of the building), based on which a new solution is developed in cooperation with the client.

First step is a Conceptual design for arranging space and a 3D model in order for Client to get an impression of the relationship between elements in space. According to the selected model, Preliminary documentation is prepared, which includes detailed drawings, floor plans, all rooms or outdoor space views, as well as furniture, wall and floor coverings and lighting solutions, and a number of proposals, guidelines, offers and cost estimates. In addition, 3D visualizations make it easier for the client to imagine what the space will look like in reality, so it is easier to define colors, finishes, choose furniture or make custom furniture.

Project documentation and visualizations use contractors and supervisors to make all work easier and more accurate. Each step is determined in agreement with the approval of the client in order to meet his needs, desires and requirements.