Project management

Each project should have a clearly defined starting and ending point. In order to implement a project in an efficient and rational way, it is necessary to use methods of organization, planning and control to meet the goals within the scheduled time and cost.

The purpose of project management is to complete the project according to the given parameters, while the project manager task is to initiate, plan, implement, develop, manage, supervise and finalize the project.

Expert supervision of the construction site determines that each phase of construction was carried out in accordance with the standards of cost estimates and the profession, and that all materials used in construction were certified.

Project management- Protocol

  • getting acquainted with the client's needs and specific requirements
  • defining the type, materials and other elements of construction
  • finding the optimal solution taking into account aesthetics and functionality
  • accurately defining the property appearance with the possible creation of a project 3D visualization
  • preparation of cost estimates
  • accurate definition of all types of work, deadlines, prices and payment methods
  • drawing up and signing construction agreements
  • start of construction
  • multiple supervision of each construction phase in order to control standards, norms and quality
  • compliance with all obligations and construction deadlines
  • property handover

We always strive to create a relationship of trust through transparent and detailed offers, with no hidden costs so that our clients know exactly what they are getting for their money. In order to better organize the work and respect all commitments, our specialty is turnkey construction, which ultimately results in top quality work done and mutual satisfaction. We provide a guarantee for all performed works, and we also provide a manual for proper maintenance of the facility for turnkey works.